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 CAffineMatrixAn augmented 3x2 matrix, for doing 2D affine transforms
 CArrayA statically sized array
 CAssetAudioAn audio asset, using any supported compression codec
 CAssetConfigurationAn AssetConfiguration represents an arrangement of AssetGroups to load
 CAssetConfigurationNodeOne node in an AssetConfiguration list
 CAssetGroupA bundle of compressed tile data, for use by AssetImages
 CAssetImageAny kind of asset image, as defined in your stir script
 CAssetLoaderAn AssetLoader coordinates asset loading operations on one or more cubes
 CAssetSlotAssetSlots are numbered containers, in a cube's flash memory, which can hold AssetGroups
 CAssetTrackerA Tracker module, converted from XM format by stir
 CAudioChannelOne mixer channel, capable of playing AudioAssets
 CAudioTrackerPlayback interface for Tracker modules
 CBG0DrawableA VRAM accessor for drawing graphics in the BG0 mode
 CBG0ROMDrawableA VRAM accessor for drawing graphics in the BG0_ROM mode
 CBG1DrawableA VRAM accessor for drawing graphics in the BG1 mode
 CBG1MaskA BG1 tile mask. In other words, this is a 16x16-bit two-dimensional vector
 CBG2DrawableA VRAM accessor for drawing graphics in the BG2 mode
 CBitArrayA fixed-size array of bits, with compact storage and fast iteration
 CiteratorAn STL-style iterator for the BitArray
 CBluetoothGlobal Bluetooth operations
 CBluetoothCountersDiagnostic counters for the Bluetooth subsystem
 CBluetoothPacketA container for one Bluetooth packet's data
 CBluetoothPipeA memory buffer for bidirectional Bluetooth communications
 CBluetoothQueueA memory buffer which holds a queue of Bluetooth packets
 CColormapAn accessor for the colormap, with up to 16 colors
 CColormapSlotA ColormapSlot refers to a single colormap index on a single cube
 CCubeIDA lightweight identifier for one Sifteo cube
 CCubeSetAn unordered set of cubes
 CEventVectorImplementation for a single event vector
 CFBDrawableA templatized VRAM accessor for drawing pixel graphics, in one of the cube's supported framebuffer drawing modes
 CFilesystemInfoInformation about the composition of the filesystem
 CFixedString formatting wrapper for fixed-width integers
 CFixedFPFormat a floating point number using fixed precision
 CFlatAssetImageAn AssetImage in which all tile indices are stored in a flat array, without any additional compression
 CGameMenuEventVectorImplementation for the gameMenu event vector
 CHexString formatting wrapper for fixed-width hexadecimal integers
 CHex64String formatting wrapper for fixed-width hexadecimal 64-bit integers
 CMappedVolumeA Volume that has been mapped into the secondary flash memory region
 CMetadataMetadata objects are special compile-time mechanisms for annotating your game's ELF binary with additional data
 CMotionBufferA memory buffer which holds captured motion data
 CMotionIteratorUtility for reading low-level motion events from a MotionBuffer
 CMotionMedianCalculate median, minimum, and maximum statistics from a MotionBuffer
 CNeighborEventVectorImplementation for a single neighbor event vector
 CNeighborhoodA Neighborhood is a description of all neighbors for a single cube, packed into a small value
 CNeighborIDA lightweight identifier for one neighbored object
 CNullaryEventVectorImplementation for an event vector that takes no parameter
 CPinnedAssetImageAn AssetImage in which all tiles are stored sequentially in memory
 CRandomPseudo-random number generator
 CRelocatableTileBufferA drawable that's backed by plain memory, usable with multiple cubes
 CRGB565Represents a 16-bit 5:6:5 color, the native format used by our display
 CScopedAssetLoaderAn AssetLoader subclass which automatically calls init() and finish() in the constructor and destructor, respectively
 CSpriteLayerA SpriteLayer represents the VRAM attributes for the sprite rendering layer in BG0_SPR_BG1 mode
 CSpriteRefSpriteRefs refer to a single sprite on a single cube
 CStampDrawableA VRAM accessor for the STAMP mode, a special purpose 16-color framebuffer mode which supports color-keying and tiling
 CStoredObjectA lightweight ID for a persistently stored object
 CStringA statically sized character buffer, with output formatting support
 CSystemGlobal operations that apply to the system as a whole
 CSystemTimeAbsolute time, measured by the system's monotonically increasing nanosecond timer
 CTileBufferA drawable that's backed by plain memory, instead of by a VideoBuffer
 CTiltShakeRecognizerA standard recognizer for shake and tilt gestures
 CTimeDeltaRepresents a difference between two SystemTimes, with moderate resolution
 CTimeStepTimeStep is a higher-level utility for keeping track of time the duration of game timesteps
 CTimeTickerTimeTicker is a utility for converting a stream of time deltas into a stream of discrete ticks
 CUsbGlobal USB operations
 CUsbCountersDiagnostic counters for the USB subsystem
 CUsbPacketA container for one Usb packet's data
 CUsbPipeA memory buffer for bidirectional USB communications
 CUsbQueueA memory buffer which holds a queue of USB packets
 CVector2Generalized two-element cartesian coordinate vector
 CVector3Generalized three-element cartesian coordinate vector
 CVideoBufferA memory buffer which holds graphics data
 CVolumeA coarse-grained region of external memory