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Sifteo::AssetTracker Struct Reference

A Tracker module, converted from XM format by stir More...

#include <sifteo/asset/audio.h>

Public Member Functions

unsigned bpm () const
 This tracker module's default beats per minute (notes)
unsigned numChannels () const
 The number of channels used by this tracker module.
unsigned numInstruments () const
 The number of instruments in this tracker module.
unsigned numPatterns () const
 The number of patterns in this tracker module.
unsigned tempo () const
 This tracker module's default tempo (ticks)

Detailed Description

A Tracker module, converted from XM format by stir

Tracker modules are great for supporting longer musical cues with minimal storage requirements - it's efficient to have tracker modules with several minutes of music, while several minutes of sample data would be prohibitively large in many circumstances.

To play an AssetTracker, see the AudioTracker.

If you're looking for straight sample playback, often used for sound effects, see AssetAudio.

See the Audio and Asset Workflow guides for details.

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