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Below are logical groupings of API by domain
 ArrayContainer classes, Array and BitArray
 AssetsObjects for loading, using, and inspecting visual and audio assets
 AudioInterface to the audio mixer and the music tracker
 BluetoothSupport for communicating with mobile devices via Bluetooth
 CubeObjects for cube identity and cube sensor state
 EventEvent dispatch subsystem, for event-driven programming
 FilesystemAccess to persistent storage, including saved game data
 MacrosUtility, logging, and scripting macros
 MathFloating point and integer math, matrices, vectors
 MemoryFast memory copy, fill, and CRC operations
 MenuCommon tilt-flow menu API
 MetadataTools for annotating your ELF binary with key/value metadata
 MotionMotion tracking subsystem
 StringString formatting classes
 SystemGlobal operations that apply to the system as a whole
 TimeTimekeeping objects
 USBSupport for communicating with a host device via USB
 VideoVideo graphics subsystem