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Support for communicating with mobile devices via Bluetooth. More...


class  Sifteo::Bluetooth
 Global Bluetooth operations. More...
struct  Sifteo::BluetoothCounters
 Diagnostic counters for the Bluetooth subsystem. More...
struct  Sifteo::BluetoothPacket
 A container for one Bluetooth packet's data. More...
struct  Sifteo::BluetoothPipe< tSendCapacity, tReceiveCapacity >
 A memory buffer for bidirectional Bluetooth communications. More...
struct  Sifteo::BluetoothQueue< tCapacity >
 A memory buffer which holds a queue of Bluetooth packets. More...

Detailed Description

Support for communicating with mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Some Sifteo Bases include support for Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, also known as Bluetooth Smart. This is a standard designed for low-power exchange of small amounts of data between mobile devices.

Bluetooth Low Energy is slow, maxing out at about one kilobyte per second. It is designed for exchanging small bits of game state, or synchronizing small amounts of saved game data. It should not be used for transferring large files.

This module provides a very high-level interface to the Bluetooth radio. Pairing, connection state, encryption, and non-game-specific operations including filesystem access are implemented by the system. Some apps which synchronize state or unlock features may find this functionality to be sufficient, and very little in-game code may be necessary.

For games that want to communicate directly with mobile devices during gameplay, BluetoothPipe can be used to exchange small packets with a peer device.