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Sifteo Cubes are a network of handheld devices that provide a unique platform for building interactive games and applications.

The Sifteo SDK consists of a toolchain and C++ framework for creating applications for Sifteo Cubes. The Sifteo SDK is freely available, and you can develop on your platform of choice (Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux builds are available). You can always download the latest SDK here.

Getting Started

If this is your first time creating a Sifteo application, check out the Getting Started guide. The examples directory in your SDK download is also a great place to look for inspiration.

Community and FAQ

If you get stuck, our Developer Forum is a great place to connect with other developers, troubleshoot, and ask questions. You'll also find FAQs about our SDK and publishing program there.

Important Concepts


Read and understand the License under which the Sifteo SDK is released.